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Plugin Description Where Used
Advanced iFrame Allows external websites to be displayed within WordPress

Settings – Advanced iFrame

Dave’s Tree
Ruth’s Tree
Jacobs Tree
Broken Link Checker Looks for broken URL links

Set to run weekly (168 hrs) & send email

System – Tools

System – Settings – Link Checker

Check Email Allows you to check if WordPress sending emails properly System – Tools
Contact Form Maker Used to create contact forms Page: Contact Us
Custom Meta Widget by bitacre. Allows modification of the MetaWidget i.e. Login and other options Page: Home Page side panel
Custom Sidebars Used to create custom sidebars Sitewise
Easy Updates Manager Updates most Plugins & minor WP System
Envira Gallery Lite  Display photo galleries Page: DNA Maps
No Longer in Directory Checks plugins against WP Directory System
PHP Code Widget Allows PHP code to be used in Widgets  Not in use at present [9/2017]
PHP Compatibility Checker Checks plugins and themes again new PHP versions System – Tools
Plugins List Generates a list of Plugins Page: __Plugins
Print, PDF & Email Allows pages to be printed nicely

Settings – Print Friendly & PDF

Sitemap Creates a simple A-Z page list Page: Site List
TinyMCE Advanced The text editor for pages etc. System – Settings
Wordfence Security Protects against hacks etc.  System
WordPress Importer Used to import posts and pages from other site exports System – Tools
WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click Prevents right-clicking and copying Sitewise

System – Settings

WPFront Scroll Top Allows easy scroll back to top of page Sitewise
WP Photo Album Plus Various photo albums Pages: