Castle – Steele – Woodburn

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John Steele married Dinah Butler in 1877.

They had two children:

            Elizabeth         b. 1877            d. 1878/1879 (2 options)

            Esther              b. 1879            m. 1901 (James Llewellyn)     d. 1947 Yorkshire, England

Dinah died in 1881

John then married Mary Woodburn in 1885

They had 7 or 8 children – needs to be clarified.

Agnes b. 1885 Married Albert John Castle
Harry b. 1890 Not done any more research on him as yet
Elizabeth b. 1891 Married John Jackson
John Rupert b. 1895 Emigrated to PA
Alice b. 1898  
Stanley b. 1900  
William b. 1903 approx  

In 1909 James Newton emigrates to America and settles in Summit Hill PA
In 1914 Albert Castle emigrated to Pennsylvania and settled in Summit Hill.
Along with him was his brother-in-law, John R Steele.
This was John Rupert Steele, brother to Agnes.
Albert gives his contact as James Newton, his uncle, who lives in Summit Hill.

Connection between the Woodburns, Newton and Steele families

In 1918 Agnes moves to Summit Hill. With her are 3 children:
            Hilda, Mary Agnes and John Rupert

In 1922 Agnes’ mother, Mary Steele (nee Woodburn) joins them.

At this point we have the following in Summit Hill

The 1920 US Federal Census confirms the Castle family in Summit Hill and that they are in rented property.

By the time of the 1930 census the Castles own their own house, valued at $2,000.

In the house are Alfred and Agnes, children Harry and William (both born in PA), Agnes’ mother Mary and brother John.

In 1924 John Rupert (Albert & Agnes’ son) is killed in a road accident.

When Agnes dies in 1976 there is an obituary in the local paper which gives us some useful information.

Her two daughters have both married:
            Hilda has married Earl Dickman in New Jersey, 1930, and is in Summit Hill.
            Molly (Mary Agnes) has married Cedric Mollard *(can’t find this) and are in Reading with 2 sons, Harry and William.

We also learn that Agnes was living with Molly and family.

Agnes’ sister, Alice, has also moved to the USA and married a Mr Smith and lives in Falls Church VA.

3 brothers of Agnes are mentioned:
Harry Steele of England
*Wilbur Steele of British Columbia
†William Martin of Summit Hill

2 grandchildren (which will be Harry & William) and 2 great grandchildren.

These two brothers are confusing.

  * I can find no evidence of a Wilbur Steele being born I the UK between 1837 and 1988

  † William Martin – does this mean William Martin Steele or William Martin? Reads like the latter.
     Having just re-read an email from John Rolfe-Dickinson, he mentions that Mary Steele had a son with a man called Martin in 1902, although he has the first name as David.