Pender/Lomas Censuses

This is a selection of UK Censuses that feature the Lomas family.

They were never known as Pender in any of the census or other official documents.





1871 Census Broadbent, Peter

RG 10-4679 F083 P11

[Before he married Maria Lomas]

1871 Census Lomas, Richard RG10-4095 F015 P24

[With Maria as his wife. Indexed as LomaX]

1871 Census Lomas, Robert

RG10-4095 F024 P42

[Robert senior]

1881 Census Lomas, James




RG 11-4068 F108 P41[d]

[James is an uncle of Robert Jnr]
These next 4 families are in adjacent caravans

RG 11-4068 F108 P41[c]

[Richard, Maria and 4 children]

RG 11-4068 F108 P41[a]

[Robert Snr and Elizabeth]

RG11-4068 F108 P41[b]

[My side of the tree.
Margaret Wilton was daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Lomas.]

1881 Census Ratcliffe, Jonah

RG 11-3467 F110 P05

[Jonah with first wife Lucy Emily, and 1 son]

1891 Census Broadbent, Maria

RG 12-3301 F040 P02

[Peter Broadbent, Maria (nee Lomas), her children with Richard Lomas]

1891 Census Broadbent, Maria

RG 12-3301 F040 P03


1891 Census Ratcliffe, Jonas

RG 12-3299 F126 P25

[Jonas and first wife and their children]

1901 Census Ratcliffe, Jonas

RG 13-3806 F35 P12

[Jonah, Maria and their children]

1901 Census Lomas, Richard

RG 13-4624 F54 P17

[Richard (brother to Robert Jnr) and wife Maggie]

1911 Census Ratcliffe, Jonah  

Jonah living at 40a Barker Street, Oldham
with his 2nd wife, Maria
see also his step-daughter, Margaret Lomas and niece Margaret Bestwick,


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