Pender = Lomas, the proof.

As I said on the Home page, this investigation started as a means to prove that Bob Pender was really Robert Lomas.

I believe that this can now be done.

  1. As mentioned earlier, Archibald Leach says that in July 1920 he travelled to America with Bob Pender and 7 others.
    The ship was the Olympic and they were going to the Globe Theatre in New York.
    From the Ellis Island records we find that:
    The SS Olympic left Southampton on 21st July 1920 and arrived at Ellis Island on the 28th July.
    Archibald Alec Leach was on board, aged 16. Profession: Artist.

    Looking through the rest of the manifest there are no Penders and only 1 Lomas.
    Robert Lomas, 48, Artist.
    Both Archie Leach and Robert Lomas give their destination as “Globe Theatre”, New York.
    This would seem to give excellent credence to the statement that Bob Pender and Robert Lomas are the same person.

    I further checked the manifest looking for the other 7 artists that were referred to and found them.
  2. In the same manifest, Robert Lomas gives his next of kin as Margaret Pender. This connects the name Lomas and Pender.
  3. In 1921 Robert & Margaret Lomas travel to America on the SS Aquitania and give their next of kin as Mrs Ratcliffe of 40a Barker Street. This connects Lomas and Ratcliffe.
  4. Later in 1921 Thomas Lomas (Robert’s brother according to the manifest) and Doris Lomas travel on the SS Olympic. They both give 40a Barker Street as the address of their next of kin. For Thomas it is Mrs Lomas, for Doris it is her grandmother, Mrs Radcliffe.
  5. In 1922 Margaret Lomas goes out on the SS Olympic to meet her husband and gives her next of kin as Mrs Ratcliffe of 40a Barker Street.
  6. In 1923 we have Robert Lomas on the SS Olympic with his next of kin being his mother, Mrs Lomas of 40a Barker Street.
  7. The only time we come across Robert Pender as a passenger is in 1911 when Robert and Maggie Pender travel on the SS Oceanic with a selection of other artists, all of whose fare has been paid for by Mr Pender. Robert Pender gives his next of kin as his mother, Mrs Pender, of 40a Barker Street. The most common factor in all of this is the address: 40a Barker Street, Oldham.
    We have the names Pender, Lomas and Ratcliffe associated with it on many occasions.
    My suspicion is that they could travel under their stage name of Pender on the 1911 visit because the requirement for passports did not come in until 19141, which would explain why later entries are under the name Lomas.

1 Ancestral Trails, 2nd Ed., p734 para. 3, Mark Herber.

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