The Masser Family

The Massers
The family were originally from Selby in Yorkshire, they were Cordwainers (
The earliest member of the family identified so far is William Masser.
William was baptised in 1670 in Selby Abbey and died in 1723, his gravestone can be found in the floor inside Selby Abbey.
William had 10 children by two wives.  The next two generations remained in Selby as Cordwainers but, sometime before he married in 1816, Thomas, born 1779, moved to Holcombe, near Bury in Lancashire, where he continued to be a cordwainer/shoemaker.  As far as is known at present, Thomas was the last in the family to work as a cordwainer.  Only one of his sons survived to adulthood but he worked as a Calico Block printer.
Some of the Parish Registers for Selby Abbey used the Dade method of entering the event which gave very detailed information often including not only parent’s names but also grandparent’s names and occupations.
Some other surnames associated with the Masser side of the family:
Tarbottom, Arundale/Arundel, Stobbart, Yates, Dunn, Yoxall