Who were the Pender Troupe

The Pender Troupe were a group of performers who travelled extensively within the UK and the USA. Their most famous member was Archibald Leach, later to become well known as Cary Grant.

However, if you came here looking for information on Cary Grant, you may well be disappointed as he doesn't really feature greatly on this site.

The main focus of this site is on the troupe itself and its less well known members.

Bob Pender's real name was in fact Robert Lomas.

My Interest

My interest is through the Lomas family.

My Great Great Grandmother, Margaret Lomas, was the aunt of Robert Lomas.

Several people have said that Bob Pender and Robert Lomas were one and the same person and I wanted to prove this and part of the original purpose of this site was to investigate that premise.

The starting point for the connection was a reprint of an article by Cary Grant about his life.
The following extract points to the first source of useful information:

"..and one day Bob Pender announced the longed-for news that he'd booked an engagement for himself and a company of eight boys to appear in a Charles Dillingham production at the Globe Theatre in New York City!
And who do you think was one of those eight boys selected to go? I was. I. That's who.
In July, 1920, we sailed for America on the S.S. Olympic and cloud eight"

From this starting point I was able to begin some research on the Pender Troupe.

Has it been proven that Bob Pender and Robert Lomas are the same?
I believe so, have a look at Proving the Name.

Site last updated: 19th November 2011