Welcome, or welcome back.

The main focus of this web site is to host our family trees and a few other bits and pieces.

After holidays, Genealogy is our main area of interest.
We started many years ago and have had on/off periods of researching our family trees. We find it both great fun and frustrating.
If you’ve never done it we suggest giving it a try – it can be quite addictive.

Along with the various pages on this main part of the site we also have 3 databases attached: Dave’s Tree and Ruth’s Tree contain details of our respective ancestors. There is also a database called Jacobs which contains details of individuals to whom Dave has a connection; there is a link to the Jacobs Tree Website which deals with the Jacobs in more detail..

There is a separate section for the Penders. The Pender’s were a troupe of stilt walkers, acrobats and  comedians who were very popular in the first quarter of the 20th century. It was with this troupe that Cary Grant (then Archibald Leach) started his career.

We started our research back in 1980 when computers were very new. Because of all the data that we were accumulating we decided to take the plunge and buy one. The first computer was a Sharp MZ80 (similar to the Commodore PET). In the beginning we only had a simple database that allowed 10 fields per entry. That spurred me on to learn to programme so that we could record more details.

At that time there were no online sites such as Ancestry and FindMyPast. Research required frequent visits to record office and the PRO in London since we lived nowhere near the regions of our ancestors.

One amazing discovery that I will never forget, was when the 1881 census was published by the Mormans and our local library got a copy. Despite knowing that we had no ancestors associated with the local area, we decided to go and have a look. Just to make life easier I used an uncommon name, Braham, a branch of my family that were fairground folk and could be anywhere. Imagine my surprise to find that they were actually in our town in 1881. The odds on that happening must be enormous. It was one of my best finds because it gave me so much previously unknown information.

We have had other lucky finds. The first time that we went to the Borthwick Institute to look for Ruth’s Yorkshire ancestors, we found that some of them were in Dade style registers which give so much more information.

Dave & Ruth