This is the unfortunate story of Annie Godfrey (nee Braham) who sadly committed suicide in 1948.

On Saturday 9th April 1948 Annie Godfrey a 60 year old widow† living in New Brighton went out of the house along with her son, George.
They walked down the road, Annie said that “We must both go down to the river today”, an expression she had often used. After meeting some friends, George left her to go and play football.

Annie was from a fairground family and was currently a ‘Character Reader’ (Palm Reader) during the summer season, this being her only source of income.

She had become very depressed since the death of her eldest son John, who had died the year before aged 21 and her daughter, Patricia, had married the previous year and was living in Yorkshire leaving her lone with George.

Her body was found by a 16 year old schoolboy, Maurice Joseph Atherton, whilst standing on New Brighton Promenade. The body was recovered from near Perch Rock Battery which overlooks the estuary of the River Mersey.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of “Death due to asphyxia due to immersion cause by her intentionally entering the water whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed“.

A sad ending.

Family recollections aren’t conclusive as to whether Annie is actually widowed. General belief is that her husband had returned to sea in the Merchant Navy and never returned.

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