Tour Dates – As Lomas Troupe

Following Bob Pender’s retirement the troupe appears to have reverted to the original name of The Lomas Troupe.

I believe that this was mainly run by Bob’s younger brothers along with his daughter, Doris, her husband Jack Hart(man) and Archie Leach.

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1923/09/17Pantages Theatre, Vancouver
Pantages, Vancouver - 1923
1923/11/03Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles
Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles - 1923
1924/02/12Regent Theatre & Miles Theatre, Detroit, Michigan
Regent Theatre, Chicago - 1923
Miles Theatre, Michigan - 1923
1924/05/01Polis Theatre,Wilkes-Barre
Polis Theatre, Wilkes-Barre - 1924
1924/08/05Sheridan Square, Pittsburgh
Sheridan Square, Pittsburgh - 1924
1924/09/18Library Theatre, Warren, PA
Library Theatre, Warren - 1924
1924/09/24Allentown Fair, PA
Allentown Fair - 1924
1924/10/27Lyric Theatre, Reading, PA
Lyric Theatre, Reading PA - 1924
1924/10/30-31The American Theatre, Pittson, Pennsylvania
American Theatre, Pitston, PA 1924
American Theatre, Pittston PA - 1924
1933/02/20-25Shrine Circus, Hartford, Connecticut
Shrine Circus - Hartfort, Conn - 1933

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