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John William Wines.jpg
George Thomas Wines.jpg
Margaret Elizabeth and Annie Anita Braham circa 1909.jpg
2 camels-1 Elephant - 3 Boys - Ilfracombe.jpg
Aaron Abraham.jpg
Anie Anita-Margaret Elizabeth-Arthur Lewis as children -circa 1915.jpg
Annie Anita Braham - School Group- Form 1 Crook C School (Front row 4th from left).jpg
Annie Anita Braham - scholars uniform 2.jpg
Annie Anita Braham - scholars uniform.jpg
Annie Anita Braham-Irmgarde (Riebold)-Arthur Henry Braham.jpg
Annie Anita-Arthur Lewis-Margaret Elizabeth Braham as children circa 1915.jpg
Annie Braham - Conjuring-adjusted copy.jpg
Annie Braham and Sedgwicks v4.jpg
Annie Braham copyv2.jpg
Arthur Henry Braham (highlighted)- Group with women and children.jpg
Arthur Henry Braham (right hand side, 4th from front).jpg
Arthur Henry Braham - 7th from left, back row.jpg
Arthur Henry Braham seated with pipe.jpg
Arthur Henry Braham- Unknown older man- Garage.jpg
Arthur Henry Braham-Sarah Ann Mackney-Walking.jpg
Arthur Henry and Sarah Anne Braham - Studio Photo.jpg
Arthur Henry-Annie Anita-Margaret Elizabeth-Joan Godfrey-Sydney Lewis and Joans children.jpg
Arthur Henry-Sydney Lewis Braham-Children of Joan Godfrey.jpg
Arthur Lewis Braham (left) - Reunix 22 Sept 44.jpg
Arthur Lewis Braham .jpg
Braham Family Group v3s.jpg
Braham, Sydney F E - Shutt, Myra May.jpg
George - Annie Advert.jpg
George Albert Braham - Bird Show.jpg
George Albert Braham in Uniform.jpg
George Albert Braham stood on top of elephant.jpg
Hannah Abraham.jpg
Irmgard Riebold.jpg
Sydney Henry Braham - Bostock's Menagerie.jpg
Sydney Henry Braham.jpg
Nancy Abraham.JPG
Sydney Henry Worlds Fair 1913.jpg
Vernon Place (either 1-11 or 2-12).jpg
Wines Brothers.jpg
Menagerie Sale
This photo from Hamlyn's Menagerie Magazine, shows a collection of showmen present at the time. Not all are identified, but happily Sydney Henry Braham and a Master Braham are. I have circled both in the picture. I am guessing that the Master Braham is Sydney Lewis Braham, based on age.