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I have tried to split images into family groups but this is not perfect because Carney marries Braham so to avoid duplicates I chose what to me was the most logical group.

Postcards – Mackney

This is a large selection of postcards sent to Agnes Mackney by friends and family in 1906/7.

Each image combines the front and back of the card. The fronts are images of popular artistes of the time.

These take a while to load as there are a lot of them.

Very many thanks to Robert Sinton for supplying this collection.

The Mackneys

The Mackneys were well known fairground travellers specializing playlets and a Ghost Pavilion.

These photographs come from my own collection plus others submitted by ‘cousins’.

The Brahams

Like the Mackneys they were fairground travellers but generally doing a variety of acts.
At one point they had their own menagerie (after working for Bostock & Wombwell)
After the family stopped touring, George Albert went with the elephant to Whipsnade Zoo

George Albert at Whipsnade

Pictures of George Albert at Whipsnade Zoo

The Carneys

A smaller selection of photographs of members of the Carney family

Annie Anita posing

Nita was heavily into dancing in her younger years and thesephotographs reflect this.

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