• Put Troupe Members in alphabetical order
    • Change page to be table: Name, Troupe name, Dates
  • Look for more troupe members
  • Look for Hart, Pender & O’Neill
  • Research those known members
  • Look for earlier dates – pre Pender Troupe
  • Look for later dates as Lomas Troupe – post 1933
  • Look for Lomas Troupe in London during 1923
  • Look for passenger lists to USA – Lomas Troupe
  • Look for details of Bob’s parents
  • Need to make reference to the Ringling Bros tour
  • See if can prove the connection between Maggie and Folies Bergere (Paris) and Katti Lanner.
  • Look for (cheap) copy of book
    Tom Lomas Troupe: England’s Greatest Pantomimic Novelty Acrobats
    Currently (Dec 2019) being offered at $60 !!!
  • Review all source material and make sure it’s dealt with.


The Penders

Remove ‘being overhauled’ message when done.

Troupe Name

Pretty much done. But will need a revisit.

About the troupe

Needs tidying up

Interview with Bob Pender


Troupe Members

Put Troupe Members in alphabetical order

Change page to be table: Name, Troupe name, Dates

Need to add more individual pages

Bob Pender

Needs additional material + photos

Margaret Louise Lomas (nee Bowman)

Needs additional material + photos

Albert Crispin William Dewbery

Needs additional material + photos

Tour Dates – As Pender Troupe

Revisit ‘Poppys’ list of dates and see if I’ve covered them all.

Tour Dates – As Lomas Troupe

Need 3 versions of this?

Pender Forum Posts

Look at what I’ve left out. Especially the Ringling Bros stuff

Pender Gallery

Need to try and find some more photos.

Try and add some names where possible.



Pender Troupe Passenger Manifests

Need to revisit to see if can find any more.

Pender – Work to do [28/12/2019]




            Pender or Lomas?


            Pender = Lomas, the proof.


            Pender Family Trees

Perhaps re-do the images so that they have common backgrounds.

Also, add ability to view at larger size.

            Pender/Lomas Censuses

Have I got any more relevant censuses to add?

Robert Sr. as a Traveller?

            Index of Passengers


Pender References

To do

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