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The information on this page is taken from a variety of sources including passenger lists, censuses, newspaper clippings and information from contributors.

It should be noted that many of the cast used the surname Pender at various times.

Bob Pender (1871 – 1939)

Real name Robert Lomas

Maggie Pender (1877 – 1943)

Margaret was born Margaret Louise Bowman in Holborn, London on 3rd May 1877

In the 1891 census she is living with her parents.

She gives her age as 13 and occupation as Actress.

Five years later she marries Robert Lomas. How they met is anyone’s guess

It was suggested by one reader that she appeared in the Folies Bergere as a ballet mistress. The Folies Bergere started (as a cabaret) in 1872 so it is technically possible that she performed there, but highly unlikely that she would have been a ballet mistress given her age.

I can find no family connection to the theatre, and as far as I can tell, she was an only child. Her mother, Wilhelmina, had been widowed 5 years after her first marriage.  Wilhelmina and Thomas Bowman were living in the same house in 1871 and they married a year later.

Doris Pender (1897 – 1975)

Real name Doris Wilhelmina Lomas

Daughter of Bob and Maggie

Doris married twice.

The first, to Henry (Jack) Hart (or Hartman) has yet to be found.

The second was to William Southam

When she married William Southam she gave her name as Doris W Hart

In 1927 the troupe arrive back in Southampton from New York.

Everyone is travelling under their own names (i.e. not Pender as they did sometimes)

Doris is listed as Doris Hart, Housewife, next to Henry John Hart and both give the same address.

The same is true in 1928

In 1921 she arrived in New York as Doris Wilhelmina Lomas.

This would imply that any marriage took place between 1921 and 1927

Thomas Pender (1877 – ????)

Real name Thomas Lomas

Younger brother of Bob

George Pender

Real name possibly George Turner

Will Compo / Will Pender

Real name Will Power

Jack Hart (1901 – ????)

Real name Henry John Hart/Hartman

Believed to have married to Doris sometime before 1936.

Married Olive Watts in 1937

Rowland Dixon
Olive Watts (1896 – ????)

Married Jack Hart in 1937

Albert William/Crispin Dewbery (c. 1894 – ????)
Robert Henry (Bert) Ayling (c. 1896 – ????)
John Barnes (c. 1881 – ????)
Reginald Leonard Hunt (c. 1897 – ????)
Leslie Brooks (c. 1904 – ????)
Johnnie Riscoe


Patrick Frederick Harper (c. 1898 – ????)
William Pender (1879 – 1935)

Real name William Barratt Lomas

John Charles Notman (c. 1896 – ????)
William Minchin Smith (c. 1897 – ????)

Was missing his middle finger on his right hand.

Mlle Listakova


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