Born: C 1883
Died: 20th May 1947, aged 63  [GRO: 1947 AMJ Portsmouth Vol 06B Page 441]
Buried in Portsmouth, New Road Jewish Cemetery.

Photo courtesy Jezz Baker

Photo courtesy Jezz Baker

Joe Baker in Navy uniform, with daughter Madelaine (1916)

Joe Baker in Pender Costume

Tombstones in Portsmouth New Road Cemetery

All photos courtesy of Jezz Baker.



It is believed that Joe had 2 sisters, Lois (c. 1883) and Mabel (c. 1885)

His parents were Daniel Baker and Selina Slake

Appeared in a play called ‘The Whip’, but I don’t know if this was a Pender act or not.

Passenger List arriving in New York – 17 Aug 1913
Travelling as Joseph Pender
His age is 29 and he is a Vaudeville Artiste
Home address is 44 Streatley Road, London
Place of birth is given as Birmingham
It mentions a brother-in-law, Ed Barry who lives in New York & next page

Possibly on Incoming Passenger List from USA to UK in 1913. He is listed as an ‘Artist’. His wife is with him, possibly as Marion?

He married Mary Webber in 1909 [GRO: 1909 AMJ Kingston Vol 2a Page 839]
Joseph converted to Judaism to marry her.

Mary Webber had been born as Miriam Werbeloffsky
Born: 27 May 1883 (From her death entry in GRO records) [GRO: 1883 AMJ Westminster 1a 520]
Died: 25 December 1980, aged 97 [GRO: 1980 OND Portsmouth Vol 20 Page 0991]
She was buried in Portsmouth, New Road Jewish Cemetery
Her tombstone reads Miriam (Marie) Baker
Her mother’s maiden name was Bloomberg.
She was at one point, a Tiller Girl

Joe and Miriam had a son and a daughter.
Their son was Jack, born 22 Feb 1918 in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham  [GRO: 1918 AMJ Kings N Vol 6d Page 80]
I can’t find a definitive match for their daughter, Madelaine.

Basic information came from Jezz Baker in August 2020 and added to by me in June 2021.
Jezz is the grandson of Joseph and Miriam

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