Richard Revele/Ralphfield Lomas

Born: Q4 1876, Accrington, Lancashire

Died: Q3 1924, Fulham, London

There is some confusion over Richard’s middle name.
Lancashire BMD has his name as Richard Revele Lomas, with mother’s maiden name as Bestwick, which is correct.  

When Richard marries Margaret Allwood in 1900 he gives his name as Richard Ralphfield Lomas.

Coincidently there is a birth registered for a Richard Ralphfield Lomas in London in the same quarter that they marry. 
My first thought is that could be a son, but as far as I know, and as far as their 1911 census states, they only had one child, a daughter, Violet Mignon Margaret Lomas in 1904.

Richard (Dick) Lomas was part of the Pender Troupe as Dick Pender and also with the Lomas Troupe, but also spent some time touring with his own act ‘Jacko the Man Monkey’. [Many thanks to John Place for bringing this to my attention] He also performed as a pantomimist as Richard Lomas.

From earlier notices it is unlikely that Richard is the original ‘Jacko, Man Monkey’
There is mention of the character in 1892 at which time Richard would only be aged 6. 

For more information on “Man Monkey” see History of the Troupe(s)

Specific mentions of (Richard) Lomas as Jacko the Man Monkey
1905, 1907, 1910

He later (1914) advertises his availability for work as a Pantomimist. In the same advert we see Muriel Manners. I have no idea what the connection between the two is.

It would appear that this was successful as he appears in the Pantomime ‘Dick Whittington’ at New Brighton in December. Or, he may just be trying to find employment until that time.

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